The easiest way to find Asian mail order brides

Nowadays the Internet plays a great role in our lives. We order food, clothes, choose trips, spend leisure time, make acquaintance – anything you want and need is here. It is much easier to meet a girl on the Internet than in real life. And the point that, without seeing the interlocutor, you can be more sincere and easier to hide your excitement. And no matter where your correspondence is carried out, even though through social networks, or through dating sites. In any case, the principles and rules of communication by correspondence remain unchanged. But why do dating sites and bride agencies become more popular? Why are they valued higher than social networks?

You might think that the difference is not so big, but bride agencies propose you:

– a great number of beautiful brides any age and purpose

– special filters that help to create a woman of your dream

– safety and anti-scam system

– interpreter, who will help you to talk to any bride you want even if you don’t know the language of your chosen one

– an assistant who will organize your meeting anywhere in the world

Do you still think that social networks can be better? Visit the bride agency and dive into the world of beautiful brides of any nationality. 

Asian brides

If you take a look at Asian brides, you should get to know some information about how to win her heart. Of course, there are no same people all over the world, but, there is something in common in every nationality.

So who are these amazing Asian creatures?

In general, you should assume that getting to know Asian women means coming into contact with women who tend to be very playful and slightly childish.

If you want to get to know Asian women, you should avoid all sayings, statements, and questions about typical Asian clichés!

Since most Asian women are also addicted to romantic love stories, you should not assume that getting to know Asian women means going to bed with these almond-eyed graces immediately.

Brides by country – is there any difference?

Our dating sites have special filters that help you to choose your bride by nationality. If you stopped on Asian mail-order brides, let’s take a glance at what is the difference between countries?

Typical Korean look

Korean women attract with their pretty and large-looking eyes as well as their beautiful, soft, light skin. In general, they attach great importance to their appearance through skin and body care. Therefore, many Korean brides have cosmetic surgery, such as eyelid surgery. Most Korean women are slim and very petite because high-calorie food is usually avoided. Many men are fascinated by Korean women because they like this combination of the slim figure, the delicate physique, and the charming, young-looking face. The women are very fashion-conscious. Therefore, great emphasis is placed on stylish outfits, eye-catching accessories, modern hairstyles, and pretty hair accessories. Mini skirts are in great demand: “the shorter – the better”, because women in Korea like to show their pretty, slender legs.

Filipino brides

Most Filipinas brides have beautiful long, black hair, adorable dark, almond-shaped eyes and are petite. Many men are enthusiastic about the typical appearance of Filipino women since most of them are very pretty. It can also be seen from the example of Miss Philippines Hillarie Parungao. The women often have different skin tones, but only a few of them are white-skinned, others are dark-skinned or even black.

Women from the Philippines are usually smaller than Europeans. Few of them grow taller than 1.65 cm. The fact that they are usually lightweight and slim until old age is genetically determined, but the dishes of Asian cuisine are also low in calories.

Beautiful Chinese women

 A Chinese woman is usually quite small. The average size is 156 centimeters and the average weight is 47.3 kilograms. Basically, a Chinese woman has the ideal parameters: both weight and height. Their physical characteristics often lead them to underestimate their endurance and strength. Usually, Middle Eastern women with their long, dark and shiny hair emphasize their femininity. Hair is often worn open or as a hairstyle, which makes it particularly attractive.

The essentials are the fine facial features and the eyes in the typical Asian shape. These are by no means “slit eyes”, rather the eyes appear round and somewhat smaller. Their color is between brown and black, which depends on the country’s part. They have fair skin, which is usually heavily pigmented. Chinese women attach great importance to a well-groomed appearance and that is what they expect from their marriage candidate. They take a lot of time for physical hygiene and are also choosy when it comes to choosing clothes. This does not mean that it has to be expensive clothing, but rather that better-off Chinese women often develop a unique and elegant style that emphasizes their femininity.

Japanese women

The Japanese women enchant the men’s world with their natural beauty, their charisma, and their exotic appearance. They have black hair, dark, almond-shaped eyes, and a delicate figure. With their reserved nature and lovely smile, they win the hearts of European men with ease and grace. The Japanese give a lot to be attractive and desirable for her husband. The charm and the erotic charisma make numerous European men dream about them. According to many guys, Japanese women are among the most beautiful women in the world.

Facts about Asian mail order brides

Every man dreams of marrying a beautiful woman, and sometimes the search for a gorgeous bride also drives many men to search for exotic women through online dating sites. If you were to rank the most attractive women in the world, Asian women would take the lead, followed by Latin American and Slavic women. In fact, there are more and more western men who would rather marry an Asian woman than Europeans. Here are some interesting facts about Asian mail-order brides:

  • The age range of Asian mail-order brides is between 21 and 30 years.
  • Most women come from the Philippines, Thailand, Japan, China, and Vietnam.
  • Around 80% of all marriages with Asian mail-order brides remain stable.
  • 4,000 out of 10,000 men who marry mail-order brides every year come from the United States
  • Around 20% of all marriages with catalog brides end in a divorce

Flirt with Asian women 

If you want to increase your chances with your Asian dream woman, you best remember the traditional flirt, which also had its rules in Europe and North America for centuries. First of all, you should approach slowly and express your interest by inviting her to a cup of coffee or dinner. Then spoil your loved one with a little attention and don’t forget to pay the bill in the restaurant. Invite the Asian woman of your interest in various events and get to know her better. Asian women are initially reluctant. However, once they catch fire, they are capable of too much passion. If you want to bring your Asian wife to your country, they are usually open to it. After all, Europe promises a high cultural level and carefree life.

Asian traditions. What should you know about these beautiful creatures?

If you want to marry Asian women, you may already know about the reputation of Asian women to combine their great charm and unusual warmth with strong discipline and ambition. Despite her innocent and playful nature, her intelligence, ambition, and strength should never be underestimated. In the long run, avoid either being exploited or losing your Asian wife’s respect. 

This applies to all women, so don’t become paranoid or rude to your Asian woman because of this warning.

Pretty Asian women seem relatively shy and quiet, but that is a little deceptive. They are actually very strong mentally and can easily cope with a lot of stress and work. 

Asian women pay more attention to their appearance than most women and spend a lot of time trying to find elegant clothes, beautiful accessories and ideal makeup. They use many products to care for their skin and hair permanently and this is certainly commendable and also visually worthwhile. Her delicate, slim figure is partly her congenital body type but also a consequence of her diet and staying slim due to social pressure. In most cases, however, they have no problems with weight gain with little exercise and western food.

Features of Asian wives

Before marrying an Asian woman you have to figure out how she behaves herself, being a wife.

  • They are family-oriented

For women, the family is always the first priority in Asia. That’s how they were brought up. So if you want to start a family, your Asian wife will be in the same boat with you to achieve these goals. Even if you might have met her on a dating site, you will still want to build a real and deep relationship. Once you are convinced, they will do everything possible to make your plan work. She will also sacrifice her career for her family if necessary. But that doesn’t mean that you should take this for granted.

  • They are loyal and caring

One can rightly say that women from Asia are very caring when it comes to family matters and financial matters. If you’re lucky enough to find an Asian woman who loves you, you can bet that your wife will go through thick and thin with you. She will see no reason to let you down in tough times. She will stand by you and remain loyal.

  • They keep private things in secret 

An Asian woman will never shame you, neither publicly nor privately. She knows that it is not appropriate to interfere or cause problems between you, your family, colleagues or the ex. But you still have to be honest with her and try to make her happy.

Top-rated Asian dating sites 

Before choosing the site you should clearly set your goals. Do we propose your sites with a variety of options: love or sex? marriage or friendship? Choose the best suitable for you.


This site was launched 20 years ago and has become one of the simplest and money save sites for connecting Asian brides with foreign men. Thanks to the personality test, you are always shown how well the users shown in the profile suit you. But that’s not all by far. Although the profiles are very clear, they still contain very detailed information about living habits, hobbies, age, profession, etc. In addition, users can also describe themselves using free text. As the quota of graduates, as already mentioned, is very high, you will hardly be able to complain about a lack of words and unfilled profiles. It will help you to choose the person who suits your interests.

AsiaLadyDate appeared in 2000 and was used to connect people from different parts of the globe. Despite the age of the site, the design is pretty modern, as it is changed from year to year to suit people’s expectations. The process of registration is quite easy. Just fill in all necessary information about yourself, add a photo and write down what partner would you prefer to have (some traits of character or appearance). It will help the matchmaking system to select the most fitting Asian girl for you.


If you are exhausted from trying to find your soulmate on the street, chatting on Instagram, trying to make girls like you and want dating right now, you are on the right way. DateAsianWomen offers you a great chance to meet anyone you want any time you wish. With the help of special filters, you can choose even the distance between you and your girl. You will be pleasantly surprised when you see how many people are sitting near you at the restaurant, going with you underground and looking for a couple as well as you. It’s also convenient to download the app to use this function not only when you are sitting at home.


AsianBeautyDating is one of the most popular sites among American men who are searching for Asian models. The site has over 4000 new users every day. If you want to become a member of the site – just fill in personal information and then add everything you consider to have on your page. Here you can feel absolutely free. No inappropriate questions, no tests. You should write only the things you want to share with beautiful Asian ladies. After registration, the site proposes several profiles to chat or even to make video calls. Start right now, and believe, you will be stuck in this beautiful world of hot Asian brides.

Asian marriage agencies 

If Asian women are going to look for a partner – there is no other perfect way to do it like turn to agencies that are engaged in it for years. The purpose of the agency is to help people make acquaintance, to meet their wishes and do all best for couples who are in a search. A lot of beautiful single Asian girls are lonely and they are tired of meeting in the bar or cafes. They want to have somebody who will share their interest.

Here you can see a great variety of filters, which will help to define the person you would like to see with you. All information is secured and profiles are checked by managers with identity documents, psychological tests, and many other ways. So you can be sure that girls are real.

Single Asian girls

Asian women associate their expectations with their partners. If you are a well-educated, professionally successful man, your chances of getting to know a woman on your own or through a dating agency are excellent. Hot Asian brides prefer European men who are self-confident, fond of children, athletic, successful and family-oriented. The financial aspect also plays a role, of course, because after all, an Asian woman wants to be able to raise the children without worry. Children are one of the most important things in the life of Asian women and they round off the family happiness.

You get positive points if you are a confident guy who stays calm in every situation. You should also be open to good conversation and make sure that your wife can often laugh with you. If you have good time management and are willing to spend a lot of time with your family, Asian women are at your feet. They appreciate it when you go on excursions with them, plan a visit to a restaurant and invite them to the theater or opera. It doesn’t matter what place you will choose for a walk or dating – attention – it matters. They will appreciate how much effort you make to conquer their hearts.

How to get Asian wife

There are large Asian communities, especially in major cities. They like to live together in one place, which creates the worldwide phenomenon of ChinaTowns. But that doesn’t mean that Asian people disconnect from the rest of society. They seek contact with locals and earn money with them due to their extremely hard work and reliability. You will find Asian women in big cities rather than in the countryside. They like to go to beautiful and worth seeing places, visit theaters and operas or sit in restaurants. Of course, Asian restaurants are preferred.

Getting to know each other is even easier via a dating service. After all, pretty Asian women also long to find their dream partner in the simplest way. They are open to modern media, which also applies to Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. If you have the necessary change, you should go on a trip to the Middle Kingdom. You should prefer cities in eastern Asia because there are many women waiting to meet their dream partner. As usual, you have to visit restaurants and discotheques, take part in celebrations and make Asian friends. So you will be invited quickly to parties where your future wife may also be waiting for you.

How much does an Asian mail-order bride cost? 

The first thing you should remember when you are visiting marriage agencies or dating sites is that they are not selling brides. You pay for the services you are using to reach your goal, not for brides. 

As usual, you have three packages to choose: Basic, The Advanced and The Complete.

Firstly, you don’t need too many functions to be used. The basic package will give you all the necessary tools to get acquainted with hot Asian girls. You can make the first impression using instant chat. It’s a very convenient way of communication and you have, probably, used similar chats like “messenger” for Facebook or direct messages on Instagram. The principle of work is approximately the same. This online chat gives you a chance to talk to thousands of beautiful ladies online to understand who you prefer most. 

When it comes to more serious steps you should turn to the Advanced package. It allows you to talk to your foreigner beauty offline as you are given an email address. Here you can stay out of the site, you can write to her even if she is not using an app, she will see it. Also, new filters of searching are opened to you. If you understand that this Asian girl worth more and you want to go further, to get to know her better, to see her eyes, smile, listen to her voice – you may use The Complete package. From the name you can understand that here you can enjoy all the benefits of the site: different chats, filters, video calls, meetings, advice and more. Do you want to plug into this world of hot and sexy women? Don’t hesitate, Asian brides love men who know what they want, are honest in their intentions and achieve their goals. 

Asian women, facts 

In Korea and Japan, plastic surgery on the face has been very common lately. In Korea, in general, a real cult of beauty. Some parents in early childhood undergo surgery to increase the size of their eyes. For his future good, so that he could later find thanks to his beauty have a good job and excel in life.

Asian skin is more resistant to aging. Although Asian skin has a thinner stratum corneum, it also has a thicker dermis that contains more collagen. This means: Asians have fewer signs of premature aging.

In China, the concepts of “fellow countryman”, “friend of your friend” and “relative” mean a lot. This status allows you to count on a special attitude. Family ties or friendships here help to get the best goods, tables in restaurants and quality service. The Chinese will always help a person whom they consider “their own.”

Asian women, myths

  • All Asian women have the same facial features

The situation is the opposite: it is much more difficult to distinguish a Frenchman from a Belgian than a Korean from a Japanese. Asians have a very noticeable difference in appearance among different nationalities. For example, the Chinese northerners are tall and white-skinned, and the Chinese southerners are low and dark-skinned.

  • Asian women have yellow skin

This is not at all true. When teachers talk about races, the representatives of the Mongoloid are called yellow-skinned, which is far from the truth. Does the Asian look like one of the Simpsons? The color of their skin is no different from Europeans. Then why does everyone think otherwise? This stereotype has been around for many years because it appeared in the 18th century. Then scientists divided all people into races. The northern peoples were attributed to the white race, the southern ones to the dark one, and Asians became an intermediate race, which they called yellow.

  • They have narrow eyes

And a little more about the appearance. We think it’s not worth talking about calling Asians “narrow-eyed” absolutely unethical. At first glance, the eyes of Asians look narrower than those of other races. But this is just an optical illusion. The orbit itself in the Mongoloids is even larger than that of the Caucasians. But Asians have the so-called “Mongoloid fold of the upper eyelid”, which fills the “empty” space of the orbit. Since we are used to a different ratio of the size of the eye and the orbit, we get the illusion that the Asians have narrow eyes.

Asian or European women? 

We can say objectively: Asian women look much younger than their years, which can not but rejoice the male gender. After all, how pleasant it is when your wife at any age remains young and attractive. But what is the secret of these beautiful ladies?

  • Lifestyle

Asian women lead a more correct and healthy lifestyle compared to residents of other regions of the globe. In Asia, it is almost impossible to meet a woman in a public place who smokes and drinks alcohol, while in Europe this is common.

  • Light skin

Asian women prefer light skin tanning and therefore carefully avoid sunlight. As we know, the sun is the first cause of premature skin aging.

  • Diet

Asian cuisine is very different from the European. It is famous for its high nutritional value and healthy way of cooking. In Asia, they eat only freshly prepared foods – herbs, meat, vegetables. Proper nutrition helps Asians achieve skin beauty from the inside out.

Asian dating online: pro tips 

How to find a mail order bride?

Asian mail-order brides become very popular nowadays. If you want to find them you don’t need to go to another country, buy expensive tickets, spend money on presents and restaurants. Just read all our reviews, make sure the site suits you, choose the package and chat with beautiful Asian brides day and night. When you are ready to have a meeting our assistant will help to arrange a meeting. Our advice will be a great mate to you for all communications.

Are Asian mail order brides real?

Thanks to the personality test, you always know the details about your profile. But that’s not all by far. Although the profiles are very clear, they still contain very detailed information about living habits, hobbies, age, profession, etc. In addition, users can also describe themselves using free text. As the quota of graduates, as already mentioned, is very high, you will hardly be able to complain about the lack of words and unfilled profiles.

So that you get something for the eye, photos can of course also be uploaded. According to internal surveys, 70% of registered users can be rated as attractive. Accordingly, you will hardly be disappointed with our dating sites.

Asian women become mail order bride

Asian women are excellent brides and wives. You can make sure of this fact by dating one of these hotties! just try dating an Asian lady and you will find your relationship unforgettable.

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